Food Programs Manager

July 15, 2021
Mound, Minnesota

Western Communities Action Network (WeCAN)

Food Programs Manager
Position Description

(Updated 7/13/2021)

Position Type:

Job Title: Food Programs Manager

Type: Non-Exempt

Hours: 40 hours per week

Reports To: Associate Director

Salary: $20-23/hr, based on experience and qualifications

Hours: M-Th 7:30 am – 5:00 pm, (30 minute unpaid lunch included), F 8:00-12:00 (Work from home)

Organization Summary:

WeCAN is a community nonprofit that provides support services empowering individuals and families to reach stability and self-sufficiency. The clients that WeCAN serves are at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. In our service area of western Hennepin County, made up of 12 cities, we are the only comprehensive social service provider. Our service offerings provide clients a holistic approach to address the many layers associated with poverty and homelessness. Please visit our website at for more info.

Program Summary:

The WeCAN Mobile Market provides fresh, healthy food to those that cannot otherwise access a traditional food shelf. The program also provides kid-friendly food bags to families during school-break times.

The WeCAN Meals on Wheels program provides hot noontime meals and a well-check delivered to seniors and adults with disabilities by community volunteers.

The focus of these programs is on seniors, individuals experiencing low income and those with disabilities or chronic health conditions.

Position Summary:

Responsible for day-to-day coordination of the WeCAN Meals on Wheels (MOW), Mobile Market and Kids Food Program in accordance with the plans, policies and procedures of WeCAN and in a manner that provides optimum service and quality to clients.

Supervisory Responsibilities: Volunteers

Major Duties and Performance Standards:

  • Food Programs Operations- 70%

· Establish retail partners for food recovery, establish and maintain relationships for corporate donations and local farms.

· Supervise food distribution and donations. Order food from food banks.

· Track data of pounds of food that enter and exit WeCAN.

· Train new MOW, Mobile Market and food recovery volunteers on policies and procedures.

· Prepare and submit monthly statistics and reports in timely manner to ensure we are able to continue our food orders, collaboration with other community resources and delivery of information to the Board of Directors.

· Send out thank you letters for all food donations (in-kind, corporate and recovery).

· Manage community garden produce donations and send out statistics and thank you notes at end of season.

· Manage Kids’ Food Program, including expansion efforts.

· Must gain and maintain ServSafe certification and Food Manager Certification.

· Perform Intakes with new food program clients and input client data into database.

· Maintain cleanliness of food storage area and code compliance with Hennepin County and ensure freshness of products on shelves.

· Manage garbage/recycling/compost.

· Assist Executive Director in preparation of program budgets and maintain program expenses within the approved budgets.

· Oversee Mobile Market van maintenance, care, and cleaning.

· Coordinate MOW meals with caterer and prepare daily deliveries.

· Maintain MOW program records, supplies and files, including daily, weekly and monthly schedules of client meals.

· Maintain monthly payments, billings and accounts receivable for MOW self-pay customers and coordinates waivered billing with Metro MOW.

· Work closely with clients, their families and volunteers to provide wellness-checks through the MOW program, as well as liaison between case managers and other health care providers to maintain client well-being.

· Create MOW delivery schedule and deliver meals as needed.

· Maintain and annually review client files for accurate data and complete information.

· Oversee the Walk to End Hunger fundraiser.

· Oversee the Senior Gifts Program.

  •  Program Development- 20%

· Coordinate and collaborate with community members including schools, low income apartment complexes and disability services to further meet the needs to potential food program clients and identify opportunities to expand our food program services.

· Attend workshops, conferences and classes in order to keep current on trends in programs, services and skills. (at least once per quarter)

· Maintain collaborative relationships with other organizations that relate to the food programs.

· Evaluate programs for effectiveness and client input on an on-going basis.

· Develop and implement an outreach plan for the MOW program within served boundaries.

· Monthly check-ins with the Associate Director.

  •  Overall WeCAN Operations- 10%

· Cover WeCAN programs and filling in for staff absences as needed. Other duties as assigned.

· Participate or attend community events as a representative of WeCAN.

· Assist in making contributions to WeCAN social media to share positive contributions of the Mobile Market, Meals on Wheels and other programs.

  •  Other duties as assigned

Evaluation of Position:

· Clients are satisfied and receiving the support they need through the food programs.

· Volunteers are satisfied and receiving the support they need to complete their food program responsibilities.

· Food Program policies and procedures are kept current and accessible; food programs are evaluated, at least annually.

· The food programs are evaluated, at least once annually.

· Services are adjusted to meet the needs of clients and the community, using relationships with community partners, program feedback and trend data,

Benefits Offered: Dental/Vision plan, Health Stipends, paid time off, 10 paid holidays

Position Requirements:

· Excellent interpersonal verbal and written communication skills.

· Strong computer skills with MS Office Suite, (Word, Excel, Access, Publisher) and general Internet.

· Experience in managing office records and files.

· Self-motivated with experience working under pressure and meeting deadlines.

· Ability to maintain client confidentiality.

· Experience working with low-income, senior aged, and clients with disabilities in a non-judgmental, helpful, and respectful manner.

· Experience working with volunteers.

· Knowledge of human services agencies, programs and services.

· Have a mission for social justice and human integrity.

· Exhibit high energy, proactiveness, innovativeness and independent problem solving.

· Have the ability to formulate, implement and facilitate a plan to justify cost vs. benefit (short term and long term).

· Be comfortable providing feedback and training to volunteers.

· Have a valid driver’s license and insurance.

· Bachelor’s degree or higher level education in Human Services or related field and 2+ years working in human services agency preferred.

· Ability to work occasional evenings or weekends.

Physical Requirements:

· Ability to continuously sit, stand or walk.

· Ability to bend, squat, push, pull and lift often.

· Ability to lift up to 50 pounds occasionally.

Work Environment:

The majority of work completed at WeCAN will be in an office environment and include regular interactions with clients receiving services, volunteers, donors and other community members. It is expected that each of these interactions is done with the highest levels of professionalism and confidentiality as required in the parameters of those relationships. These interactions may occur in person, on the phone, via e-mail or through the use of social media.

· May occasionally work outside of the office within the community in places such as churches, restaurants, schools, community centers, and clients’ homes.

· Will be required to interact with community members and may require small amounts of public speaking, being photographed for media use as well as appropriate use of social media as a marketing tool.

· May include activities indoors as well as outdoors.

· May occasionally walk on slippery or uneven surfaces.

· May climb ladders.

· May be required to drive as a condition of their employment. This aspect of the position may include driving the Mobile Market van or driving a personal vehicle for work purposes.

To Apply:

Send resume, cover letter and 3 professional references to Christopher Anderson, Executive Director, Call WeCAN at 952-472-0742 with any questions.

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Company Name:

Western Communities Action Network


$20.00 - $23.00 Per Hour

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Food Service


Human Services

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Full Time


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Bachelor's Degree